Canadian officials have confirmed a case of its diplomats falling ill in Cuba. Almost 14 diplomatic staff have suffered from the unusual health symptoms in Havana.

Canada Cuts More Diplomats In Its Cuban Embassy

Canadian government have made statement in which they have acknowledged the mysterious illness and announced that diplomatic staff at the Canadian embassy in Cuba will be reduced by half, from sixteen to eight.

“The health, safety and security of our diplomatic staff and their families remain our priority,” the statement said.

This decision was criticized by Cuban ambassador to Canada Josefina Vidal. She said: “This behavior favors those who in the United States use this issue to attack and denigrate Cuba.”

Canada states that all diplomatic staff in Cuba have passed medical tests after unusual health symptoms in November 2018, when the last such case was confirmed. But these symptoms still are found in new employees, which bring the total number of affected staff to 14.

Cuba has allowed investigators from Canada and the FBI to travel to Cuba to study the case. At the same time, Cuba is also investigating these cases.

Meanwhile, Cuban authorities deny any accusation on carrying out “sonic” attacks.