Margarita Chaton says : ” This is my painted life or draw my life, about why I left school or dropped out of her at 10 years old and switched to home schooling. I by no means urge you to do the same and do not promote home schooling, just so far my life has developed …”

Margarita Chaton

“In our city, the schools are just awful. For example, in a nearby school, teachers go out to smoke in our courtyard, and right at our entrance, guys from our school smoke. And the toilet for girls didn’t work there – and all the girls went to the toilet directly to us into the yard. “

“At another school there was a very strange director. He was a professor of chemistry and biology, and is said to have conducted experiments on students.”

“My parents chose the best school in the city for me. But studying in grade 1 was very boring. In the second grade, everything changed. The teacher said that we were morons. We could not be allowed to go to the toilet. they didn’t let her go. And she made a puddle right in the classroom. Everyone laughed at her. “

“There were dance lessons at school. If someone was wrong, everyone should have squatted. Once I squatted so much that I couldn’t get home.”

As a result, the girl had to leave school, that is, to go to home schooling. She makes a blog about her life in which she says that you cannot tolerate bullying – you have to build your own life!