Indiana state police arrested two boys after a 13-year-old teenager had the imprudence to tell Siri that he was going to ‘shoot the school,’ law enforcement officials say. Siri answered the boy with a list of local schools in Valparaiso that the teenager was attending. According to police he traveled from the neighboring town of Chesterton.

Apple iPhone Voice Assistant did not inform police of the potential threat, as one might think. The teenager posted a screenshot of his conversation with Siri on social networks – and the people who saw this post contacted the police on Thursday, and he was arrested later that day.
Another14-year-old boy was also arrested for adding weapons photos to the post.

The teenager was accused of threatening to commit a criminal offense. But the investigators decided that his threat had a low probability. It was discovered that ‘a man does not have access to arms and posted a photo on social networks as a joke.’

Both teenagers are in a juvenile detention center in Porter County. The hearings scheduled for Monday will determine whether the boys will remain in custody.