At least 10 people died due to abnormal cold and snowfalls in the US Midwest this week. Previously five deaths were reported due to the bad weather.

A state of emergency has been introduced in some regions. The Arctic cold covered the area with the population of almost 250 million people. In Milwaukee, the thermometer column dropped to -29, and strong winds made it feel -44 degrees Celsius. The temperature in Chicago is -45, in Minneapolis -47 taking into account the wind.

More than two thousand flights were canceled at Mid-West airports on January 30. The railway connection has been suspended in many directions.

Schools and universities are closed due to bad weather, many state institutions do not work.

Weather forecasters predict that the frost will not retreat in the coming days, but on the contrary – will strengthen.

In a number of cities, public places are turned into heating centers, and the distribution of warm things is organized to homeless people. Authorities warn residents not to use transport and not to leave their homes without extreme need.