The finalist of the Australian Open Pyotr Kvitova openly gave testimony at the court of a man indicted of cutting her in her house.

She wounded her ligaments and tendons with her left hand while struggling an intruder in 2016.

The star underwent surgery and recurred to tennis five months after the attack.

The defendant faces 12 years ’imprisonment if condemned. He is currently serving another prison sentence for a separate offense.

His colleagues said in court that at the time of the incident, in December 2016, he was at work.

The girl said that the suspect rang the doorbell, and she let him in, waiting for the doping test. She said that he claimed to have come to inspect the boiler.

Checking the hot water in the bathroom, the attacker allegedly grabbed her from behind, and then brought the knife to her throat.

In an attempt to free herself, she hurt her left arm badly.

The athlete said that she offered the man the money that he had left, and he took about 10,000 Czech crowns (341 pounds; 440 dollars).

Her tendons, fingers, and nerves were damaged as a result of the four-hour operation.

The tennis player did not make public comments after the testimony, but her representative said that she was glad to leave them behind.