In Italy, the police seized cocaine for the value of 130 million euros. The drugs were hidden in bags with coffee beans, which have special labels.

Hard drugs on dark table

It is being reported that the police confiscated more than 600 kilograms of cocaine.

This is the largest cocaine consignment in latest 10 years history of Italian customs.

The drugs discovered in a container, which was declared to transport coffee.

The cocaine, packed in 582 blocks, was hidden in packages with coffee in a container aboard a cargo ship flying the flag of Portugal. Police found out that the container was loaded in Puerto Cortes (Honduras), and in Costa Rica was transferred to another ship, which was heading to Spain

Drugs were discovered and confiscated on January 15 in the port of Livorno, but police officers made it public this week only.

Local police conducted anti-drug raids and arrested 37 suspects in the south of the country and in the capital.