Siamese twins of the rarest of possible forms were born in one of the hospitals of Yemen. Externally, the brothers Abdul-Khalid and Abdul-Raheem resemble a two-headed baby. In addition to individual heads, they have one body for two, one pelvis, two legs and two arms. At the same time they have two hearts, a separate pair of lungs, a stomach and a spine in each.

Doctors fear that children are unlikely to survive. But there is a slight chance to save one. The situation is complicated by the fact that the operation to separate them can only be carried out abroad. But the 20-year-old father of boys, Akram Ali Ahmed, is against the operation. He believes that his sons are more likely to stay alive if they are together. And he does not want to sacrifice one child for the sake of the other.

‘I want them both in the same body. I don’t mind what God sent me, ‘he says.

The kids are currently in the hospital waiting for a decision regarding their future.