All this time she thought it was a ghost.

Maddie, a student from Greensboro, South Carolina, found a stranger living in the closet in her apartment. Her clothes were disappearing and handprints were left behind in the bathroom, so the student thought it was a ghost chasing her.

On Saturday she heard a strange noize coming from her closet, and asked “Who is there?”, and someone replied, “My name’s Drew”. Maddie opened the closet and saw a man dressed in her clothes on the floor.

The student called her boyfriend and was speaking with the stranger as she was waiting for help. The stranger left before the boyfriend arrived. Maddie said she did not do her any harm.

Police arrested the man at a petrol station nearby. The man was 30-year-old Andrew Swofford. He appeared in court on Monday via video conference from the Guilford County Jail.