The man indicted of luring the officials with threats to commit suicide and then fatally shoot the deputy sheriff and injure another alternate who attempted to assist him during the 12-hour confrontation in Ohio, on Monday his outpost was set at $ 10 million .

Wade Edward Wynn, who seems to have had facial injuries, was arraigned at the Clermont County Municipal Court at his initial hearing on aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder during a weekend shooting in the town of Pierce.

Executives say Detective Bill Brewer passed away from his injuries. Another MP, Nick DeRoz, was shot in the ankle. He was in trial at a hearing on Monday along with several other agents of the sheriff of Claremont County.

Today in trial, the prosecutor’s office stated that the defendant had pretended to commit suicide, and two alternatives were shot dead in the wall when they attempted to enter the apartment to assist him. Attorneys also told they would seek the death penalty.