If you think you can park better than others do, you are totally missing the ability of Stan, a valet-parking droids, to do that better.

At the same time Stan does not need to open the doors. But it can stack the cars to each other as close as possible without any keys.

This is not something from the American horror film, but a small robot which can literally pick your car and drop it into a tight space.

These little robots are aimed to be used in Gatwick Airport in Australia. They could also use your flight details to ensure that your car is already in drop-off cabin when you return back.

The system and the robots have already been trailed in Paris, Lyon and Dusseldorf airports. UK aims to use these robots soon.

The main aim of creating such system is to increase the number of cars parked in a given area. As the Gatwick airport will be able to have 270 cars parked instead current 170.

The development of such a system the company does Stanley Robotics, which has already tested their robot attendants in France. In August 2019, the test will be held at London’s Gatwick airport.

To use the robot, you must start the car in a special garage and to specify the data through the terminal with a touch screen. Then you can safely go on the plane — one of for special mechs themselves will enter the garage and drive the car in a common Parking lot. When you arrive back, your car can be found in the same garage and to drive it home.

Stanley Robotics Robots shaped like toasters, and their height is about the same as cars. To transport cars from the garage to the Parking lot, they carefully cover them for the tires and lift a few inches up. The robot can approach the vehicle at both the front and rear — it depends on how it will be easier to navigate between narrow rows of other cars.