The beauty of Belarusian women was once again appreciated in the world. A 20-year-old student from Minsk, Angelika Kuzmenok, took part in the international beauty contest Miss All Nations, and entered the top 8 finalists, who were selected among representatives of 45 countries.

The competition is being held since 1989 and its main mission is to unite nations under the sign of beauty, volunteer work and contribute to ecotourism. In 2019 the competition was held in China, participants traveled throughout the country (for example, participated in the show in Yantai, Guangzhou). The final was held in Nanyang.

Angelika (@lika_kuzmenok) admits that the representative of Belarus was selected strictly: the jury asked to file even circumference of the neck in the questionnaire.

The Chinese were shocked by the girl’s fair skin and height, everyone wanted to take a picture with the beauty. Angelika received high points for her national outfit, she also presented an environmental project related to the development of eco-fashion trends in Belarus.

At the same time the model says the competition was very high and she cannot say the competition’s atmosphere was friendly.

The girl wrote in Instagram:
“I still do not believe, but still …
I am glad and proud to inform you that Belarus has entered the TOP-8 Finalists “Miss All Nations 2019”!
In addition, a special tape for the best work in the media 📣
Thank you for your words of support! ”