Photographs taken earlier showed a huge mass of flames leaping into the sky.

An explosion has occurred at Venezuela’s port of La Guaira on Sunday, local media reported citing users of social media.

The Nacional media outlet reported that fire brigades had arrived on the scene without revealing additional details or the cause of the explosion.

La Guaira, the capital city of Venezuela’s northern Vargas state and the nation’s primary port, was founded in 1577 and has been the scene of several key naval battles during the late-20th-century forming of the oil-rich South American country.

Last year, a powerful explosion at an LPG dispensing station belonging to the Venezuelan state-owned PDVSA energy company and located in the state of Miranda in the north of the country saw two killed and six others injured.

The fire began immediately after the explosion. Clouds of black smoke rise above the port. At the moment, it is unknown whether there are victims and what are the causes of the incident.

As you can see in the photo, the situation is very serious. At the moment, firefighters are trying to localize the fire.