A week after the fatal crash of the dike in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, dozens honored the memory of 110 dead and 238 missing.

Memorial service at the crash site at about 1 pm on Friday local time, at the hour when the dike broke on January 25, releasing a devastating stream of reddish-brown mining dregs.

The excavators stopped digging in the dirt, and the lifesavers searching for survivors in the thick tailing dumps all looked at the palate when 10 firefighters and police helicopters emitted flower petals at the iron ore complex.

The parson also gave a brief mass in front of a high pink cross, which was seated in the dirt.

A representative for the fire department told after the ceremony that the officials had continued to looking for bodies, although no one had been found alive since Saturday.

Vale SA, the company that operated and exploited the dam, said that there was no dangerous level of metals in the residues, but experts say that the consequences for the environment can be irreversible.