The lawsuit was filed due to inaction during acoustic attacks in Cuba.

Five Canadian diplomats working in Cuba and their family members filed a lawsuit against the government for $ 21 million. According to the lawsuit filed to the federal court families of diplomats ‘have been attacked and injured, they have been seriously damaged over the last few years.’

Diplomats accuse the authorities of not having carried out the timely evacuation of employees from Havana, despite complaints of sound effects. Plaintiffs believe the government has concealed ‘critical health and safety information.’

In January the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially announced that in 2017-2018 14 diplomats in Cuba suffered from an unknown sound exposure. The Foreign Ministry said that the families of diplomats were offered to return home in April, and the embassy employees were offered it in November 2018.

Similar story happened to diplomats from the United States in the end of 2017. The 21 employees of the US Embassy in Cuba have deteriorated hearing, vision and orientation in space. In Washington reported that they were subject to acoustic attacks due to the use of unidentified equipment. The State Department decided to recall the majority of diplomats from Havana.