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Antisemitic Attack In Paris: One Injured

The news published 02/19/2019 According to French media, two young men aged 15 and 16 fired an air rifle...

Norwegian Aircraft Returned To Stockholm Airport Due To The Threat Of A Terrorist Attack

The Norwegian airline returned a plane to Stockholm airport almost immediately after take-off due to a report regarding its mining.

Scandal In Royal Family: Prince Charles Has Got An ‘Illegitimate’ Son

An Australian resident, 52-year-old Simon Dorante-Day, claims that his parents are 70-year-old Prince Charles and his current wife,...

France And Italy Relations Are On The Edge: Paris Recalled Its Ambassador From Rome

The French authorities recalled their ambassador from Rome for consultations on the background of deterioration in French-Italian relations and harsh statements of...

The Suspect In The Explosions In Paris And Brussels, The terrorist Appeared Before The Court

Two French newsmen who were captured by radicals of the Islamic State in Syria, testified against a man...

May Says UK Will Not Be Trapped Re BREXIT

Theresa May is going to Brussels to persuade EU leaders to appove necessary changes to the Brexit agreement.

“Women Themselves Allow Their Role To Be Traditional.” Gender Discrimination Discussed In Minsk, Belarus. Even In The USA There Are Problems!

In management positions in Belarus today, 49% are women, and the salary of a Belarusian woman is 74.6% of the salary of a...

About 20 Thousand Birds Died Near The Shores Of The Netherlands

Scientists are trying to understand the sudden death of about 20 thousand seagulls near the Dutch coast.