Today, more than 1,500 flights have been canceled at Chicago airports, as the life-threatening cold has advanced in the city.

At 8 am at the airport O’Hara, at least 1,175 cases of cancellation were recorded. At the airport Midway, there were 326 cancellations.

According to the Chicago Aviation Department, delays at both airports were about 15 minutes.

The whole area of  the city was under the warning of the wind, which began yesterday at 6 pm.

Record and life-threatening cold hold out all night, with morning lows from -15 to -25 degrees with cold values  from -45 to -55 with -60 possible.

It is assumed that the maximums reached from -10 to -20 with dangerous cold weather during the day between -35 and -50 degrees. It may be raining in some cases, and a strong wind will cause drifting snow with almost complete darkening, especially in rural areas.