In August 2015, an electrical engineering student from Chicago transmitted an e-mail to a Chinese citizen called “Medium-Term Test Questions”.

A little more than two years later, the message was transmitted to an investigation by the FBI in the Southern District of Ohio with the participation of a suspected Chinese intelligence officer who the officials had suggested was attempting to extract technical data from a security partner.

Inspectors took note.

They calculated the e-mail owner, a Chinese student, who will continue to enroll in the US Army fund. They claim that his email address is not related to test.

Alternatively, as per to a high-ranking Chinese reconnaissance officer, he allegedly attached reference reports on eight individuals in America on whom the heavenly king can count on potential enrollment as undercover agent, as per to a federal criminal complaint.

Eight – acclimatize citizens of the USA from Taiwan or China – worked in the field of science and technology. Seven have worked or recently retired from US security partner. The statement said that they were all considered rich goals for a new form of espionage, which the heavenly pursued aggressively in order to gain a quiet war against America for data and global influence.