The US charged Chinese Engineer with stealing secret Apple’s materials when he has been working for Apple. The FBI has initiated an investigation, sources said.

It claims that Jizhong Chen has taken efforts to gain key details from Apple’s (AAPL) secretive self-driving car project. He was arrested last week, before he scheduled the flight to China, said US district court in California.

It could be “enormous damage” for the Apple, if such confidential information got out.

It is second time for the last 6 months that Chinese nationals are arrested and charged in the US with stealing confidential information from Apple project.

This cases happen when the US and China have heightened tensions over the control of the technologies of the future. The United States Justice Department filed charges against Huawei, Chinese tech giant, last week, accusing it of trade theft obstruction of justice and other crimes. Chinese company has denied it.

According to the complaints, suspicions over the Chinese engineer actions have aroused when his colleague in Apple have seen him taking photos of the self-driving car project.

Moreover, the FBI states that Chen had also backed up information from his work computer to a personally owned hard drive. He had acknowledged this fact, which goes totally against company’s policy. However, Chen’s lawyer declined to comment this fact.