She took it up again. Chloe Kardashian laid out an incomprehensible, mystical set of quotes on the net about “the harm” and “healing” of something in her past. Does this mean that she is still experiencing from infidelity Tristan Thompson?

Everyone must do their job. And our heroine should post incomprehensible messages on her page. An extreme example occurred on January 23, when she shared some of the statements that concerned deception of Tristan Thompson. What exactly did she think about how the 27-year-old Tristan allegedly cheated on her with a woman in April 2018? Or is it about the video in October 2017, in which Tristan rides a woman’s motor boat in the nightclub DS? She is not going to explain. Although the star is more than pleased with the vague posts. In the next series of Instagram Stories in “Kids Class”, True Thompson and her child were shown. In subsequent videos, the celebrity seemed proud of her child, as she and Pravda sang during the “Wheels on the Bus” (although Pravda seemed to chew on the back of the bicycle horn more than anything else).

True’s first birthday, April 12, is nearing us — probably, our heroine has memories of Tristan’s treason, because all this was revealed just before the birth of her daughter. Probably. Despite these messages, the couple “are more in love than ever. They also “close the haters” and are ready to give a younger brother or sister.