According to CNN’s Paris bureau, famous singer Chris Brown was arrested in Paris on charges of aggravated rape and drug use, from a CNN statement by a French judicial insider.

The celebrity is held together with two other unknown people, a source said Tuesday. The US Embassy in Paris did not want to clarify the situation.

The publication turned to the defender of the artist.

The man has repeatedly violated the law, and suspicion of physical violence after an accident with his battered girl Rihanna in 2009 should be treated here. He was charged with a criminal offense and he was charged with criminal threats in this case; he got off with a five-year probationary period and community service.

Not so long ago, before the incident in Paris, the singer was detained after the July show on charges of carrying out atrocious atrocities, which relate to the case in April 2017, when he was suspected of physical abuse of a man who shot him without consent.

He was released on bail in the amount of $ 2,000; he did not admit his guilt at the subsequent hearing and was awaiting trial.

In 2013, the artist and his guard were arrested on suspicion of having committed a criminal offense after an alleged conflict near a hotel in Washington, DC. The next day, the suit was replaced by hooliganism, and the singer was released from prison without bail.

Later that year, the celebrity was expelled from the rehabilitation center after he smashed the glass of his mother’s car during a group session. The judge ordered him to immediately enroll in another rehabilitation program.

In March 2014, he violated the conditions of probation for what, that he was expelled from the rehabilitation center, and the court closed him in jail. In May of the same year, while he was still in custody, he confessed to the violation of the suspended sentence caused by the fight in Washington.

He was released from prison in June 2014, and after about three months made a confession of guilt in a fight in Washington and was convicted – one day in prison – and a fine of $ 150.