The news published 02/18/2019

Following the decision to stop selling cigarettes in 2014, CVS Health is now presenting its new move towards transforming the healthcare experience in America.

This month CVS started a pilot test for HealthHub locations, stores that offer 20% of their floor space to health services.

CVS used to be a drugstore mixed with a convenience store where customers could pick up prescriptions and maybe get a newspaper, something to drink, and paper towels or a package of light bulbs. Besides the pharmacist’s ability to answer customers’ questions, the only health services offered in those stores CVS stores was probably one of those machines that takes your blood pressure.

In 2006 CVS partnered with MinuteClinic to promote walk-in medical clinics in some of its stores. According to CVS website, such locations offer basic medical treatment including diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses, injuries, and skin conditions, along with administration of vaccinations, injections, health screenings and physicals, and monitoring for chronic conditions.

The staff of the MinuteClinics includes licensed and certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants with the clinical experience necessary to provide treatment for people of all ages. There are now 1,100 MinuteClinic locations inside CVS’ 9,800 locations worldwide.

Just like MinuteClinics, HealthHub is a way to “elevate the store into a convenient neighborhood healthcare destination”. According to a press release, three pilot HealthHubs in the Houston area offer “a broader range of healthcare services, new product categories, digital tools, and on-demand health kiosks, trusted advice, and personalized care”. The new locations offer a wide range of durable medical equipment such as crutches and blood sugar monitors along with new product and service combinations for sleep apnea and diabetes care.

HealthHubs are staffed with “care concierges” who help customers find what they need and provide them with information about how the location can take care of their health needs.

It seems like the pilot locations have so far been producing the desired effect. According to CVS press release, “To date, customers accepted help from our Care Concierge in more than 95% of recorded interactions, with 50% resulting in engagement with another HealthHUB provider or offering”.