The celebrity said that it is difficult for her to choose a cloth for the Grammy Award following month – as fashion designers say that she is “too big.”

The award nominee, the best new artist, said that some of the stylist she came to did not wish to sew for her, as she had size 8 (size 12 in England).

“If the size of 6/8 is“ huge ”, then I don’t understand how to speak to you,” said the notability in a video from social media.

The 29-year-old performer continues: “You declare that all womankind on the planet who had 8 size and higher are not handsome and they cannot cloth your look.”

In the commentary to the video, she said: “Sorry, I must to remove this from my breast. If you are not happy with my image or my creation, this one. But don’t  tell you can’t made clothes for someone who is not the size of a runway.

“Do not take away from womankind the opportunity to love your body, you and so, make females sense less than they are.”

She made the decision, observe that her “fifth size point of size 8” would still go to the award rite on February 10th.

She did not call the names of fashion designers who did not choose to work with her – but her case is no exception.

Actress Will & Grace Megan Mullally the other day told that she wish to get her outfit for the actor guild this year.

“Fashion designers do not direct me clothes,” she wrote on her page, “even if I have ferreous option, I’ll get on camera as I’m not in the format.”

At Emmys 2017, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom said reporters that her Gucci cloth was not in the lineup, as the fashion designer did not will to create an image for her body type.

Melissa McCarthy also told that she was refused by few designers on the eve of the Oscars of 2012, where she was presented in the nomination for a breakthrough in Bridesmaids.

“I turned to five or six persones — top-level ones who create a lot of outfits for celebretis — and they all tell no,” she said Redbook after that.

The actress stopped wearing a cloth from Marina Rinaldi, a fashion designer, who is profiled on female sizes from 10 to 22.

The moment of the our heroine came a next year  the musicians take the ceremony for the campaign for women’s equality, when all artists  men and women brought white roses to the event.

The performer, whose popular hits “I want to be me, I and I,” has long fought for women’s rights and constantly organizes events “Women in Harmony,” in backing of fellow artists and producers.

“Very often, people wish to turn womankindbang their heads together , and I hate it,” she tolld previous year to BBC.

“Can I stand up for myself?” Yes. But I don’t wish to harm anyone, ”she proceed. “I want to benefit other females and aid artists who come to the show business as I understand I didn’t get help when I came.”