President USA tolld the fence barrier is require to crack down on illegal weapons, drugs and cash from Mexico. But most of the bootleg he referred to went through legal ports of entry.

The Head of the United States visited the Rio Grande Valley earlier this month and announced the construction of a fortification on the southern edge to protect country from the many hazards that continue to haunt them. Across the edge from Mexico.

As evidence of this, proofs was shown on the tables: a huge bag of cash, packs of drugs, large-caliber firearms — all of which were seized by law enforcement officers running in the edge areas of South Texas.

It turned out that the Trump round-table presentation on January 10 was not related to what was going on along unfortified borders. A study of confiscated details advices that the edge barrier did not prevent most details from entering America or, in the point of several types of weapons shown in front of the president, leave the United States for Mexico.

Many of the elements were confiscated at international bridges on the Texas edge, identified by dogs and customs and border guard officers. Some of them were discovered intime stops or, in one case, inside a house in South Texas, and it is difficult to understand how they got into the country.