At least eight people died in the Midwest of America, as the region is at the mercy of the cold snap in recent decades.

Patients are treated in hospitals reporting frostbite as life in different parts of the country freezes.

Most icy gusts can still come today. Ninety million people — a third of the United States — saw temperatures of -17 (0F) or below.

According to weather forecasters, today in the third American city of Chicago a record level of -32  C can be reached in 1985.

Today, the cold drifts eastward, which leads to sub-zero temperatures in northeastern cities, such as Boston.

It is expected that the areas on the leeward side of the Great Lakes will be filled with intense lake snow lakes.

In the area near Buffalo, New York, there should be the most powerfull snowfall. Snow can fall at a rate of 3–5 inches (7–12 cm) per hour.

Considering wind chill in the Midwest and the Great Lakes, temperatures approach -40  C and -53  C, which is enough for frostbite in less than five minutes.