So far only three people have been saved out of 43 living in an emergency building.

Employees of the Turkish emergency services dismantled rubble, formed on the site of a collapsed eight-story residential building in Istanbul’s Kartal district in the Asian part of the city.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaia said that three upper floors were illegally constructed and this could lead to tragedy.

The building was built in 1992, it had 14 apartments and 43 people lived there.

At the moment, it is known one person dies as a result of the incident and three people were rescued from the rubble. Thus, dozens of people can remain under the rubble.

The headman of the Jevizli quarter of Kartal Memish Dikilidash stated that there was no explosion before the collapse and that ‘it began to collapse by itself.’ The official cause of the collapse is not announced yet.