Britain, Spain and other European countries have publicly recognized the head of the opposition, Juan Guaydo, as acting leader of Venezuela.

This was due to the fact that head of state Nicolas Maduro indicatively denied the EU’s Sunday deadline for organizing early elections.

French Foreign Minister told that the opposition leader has the power to spend a new presidential vote.

The chief of the resistance announced himself the interim leader last month and received US maintenance.

The militarized President Maduro accuses him of organizing a revolt. He stated that he did not exclude the opportunity of a civil war, since he was under pressure to retreat from his intentions.

The validity of an ultimatum put forward by several European countries came out yesterday – for Maduro, to determine early presidential elections. They told they would identify the opposition leader as interim head of state if their conditions were not met.

The Prime Minister of Spain convened on him to appeal the elections as soon as possible.