Most accidents in the EU countries occur in Austria, while the rare cases are  in Denmark. All estimations are made based on 10 thousand residents.

The European Commission has published a report on road accidents in the European Union, according to which Austrian drivers are most likely to get into an accident, and while drivers from Denmark are the safest.
Thus, according to the report, in Austria, 44 accidents for each 10 thousand people, and in Denmark – only five. There is also a high probability of getting into an accident on the roads in Germany (37 accidents per 10,000 people) and  in Belgium (35).

Accident data in Slovenia, Portugal, Malta and Italy are slightly better than in Austria – there are about 30 accidents registered for 10 thousand people. Overall, the safest roads are in Cyprus (7.5 accidents per 10 thousand inhabitants) and in Finland (8.5)