The popular social platform will remove from use the ambiguous program of market research from the Apple operating system after the report shows that it most likely goes against the company’s data collection policy.

Yesterday, TechCrunch claimed that the social platform gives users up to $ 20 a month for installing the Facebook Research application, which allows the company to monitor phone and web activity.

An insider on Facebook said the company would end the program with Apple “immediately.”

No matter how it was when the social network turned off the program, it stuck to what it called its completely legal way of studying the market.

The platform also does not support the view that the application is aimed at adolescents. An insider confirmed that the application is designed for users aged 13 to 35 years.

The final feature was Apple’s struggle with personal headaches after it was reported that it was slowly responding to a FaceTime error that allowed it to monitor the iPhone.

In the meantime, the platform hired three of its technology critics to its privacy policy team in Washington, DC, as part of an effort to take a fresh look at privacy issues.