For a whole year a citizen of Italy, who had not even graduated from school, presented himself as a British plastic surgeon and worked in several private clinics in Bucharest. He also managed to find a job at Monza Hospital, which is considered one of the most prestigious in the city. It is reported that this impostor received official documents from the Romanian authorities, issued on the basis of a fake medical diploma. It showed the name of Matthew Moud, but his real name, as it turned out now, is Matteo Politi.

This prominent impostor stated in his resume that he graduated from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, practicing plastic surgery in the UK, Spain and Italy.

But the worst thing was that this fraudster was performing surgery. Luckily everybody is alive.

Subsequently, it turned out that the fraudster had a whole history of violations of the law. In particular, he served a year and a half of conditional sentence in Italy in 2011 for a crime similar to what he had committed in Romania. Politi lied about being a doctor because he was the namesake of a very famous surgeon from Modena named Luigi Vincenzo Politi.

Romanian police detained Matteo Politi on a train on the Romanian-Hungarian border early Wednesday after receiving an alert.