A big fire broke out on Tuesday night on the southern island of New Zealand in the Paignin valley. At the moment, the fire spread over an area of ​​over 1870 hectares and the firefighters cannot localize it.

The inhabitants of Nelson city, located near the center of ignition, evacuated into the centers of civil defense. It is reported that the residents of 170 houses had to leave their homes because of the fire. The fire has already destroyed several buildings.

Fire fighting is blocked by a strong wind that helps to spread the fire. In addition, firefighters can not reach all burning areas.. The authorities sent 12 fire brigades, 10 helicopters and two planes to liquidate the fire. Specialists say minimum 4 days will be needed  to extinguish this fire.

The Nelson-Tasman area is declared to be in a state of emergency. There is no information regarding the deaths and injuries of a large-scale fire.