The French authorities recalled their ambassador from Rome for consultations on the background of deterioration in French-Italian relations and harsh statements of the Italian government representatives about Paris.

French Foreign Ministry reported it on February, 7, stating that ‘within a few months, France was becoming the object of repeated accusations, baseless attacks, outrageous statements,” which has not happened since the end of World War II.

‘As a result of this unprecedented situation, the French authorities decided to recall the French ambassador in Italy for consultations. France asks Italy to act in the name of returning relations based on mutual friendship and respect,’ the ministry concluded.

Last month Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs of Italy Matteo Salvini called the head of France, Emmanuel Macron, ‘a terrible president.’

In response to this the European Affairs Minister of France, Natalie Loiseau, stated that by insulting the French president Salvini was insulting the entire French people.