On Sunday, meteorologists warned of gusts of rain, snow, ice and storm waves reaching 70 miles per hour, as Britain suffers from a strong north wind arrive from the Arctic.

Throughout northern Scotland, a “yellow” code of ice and snow was introduced, as well as warnings of wind act on sections of the east and west shores of Great Britain and the west shores of Wales.

Weather forecasters said that delays in all automotive areas are likely to be related to road, rail, air and ferry transport, while motorists are strongly advised to take special care on icy roads.

The temperature plummeted at the beginning of Sunday after a quite gentle day on Saturday. Most of the land will stay somewhere between 2C and 4C this morning, rising to 5C or 6C this afternoon.

A cold catch will last until next week, and on Tuesday and Wednesday snow may break in the central and southern regions. It is expected that freezing temperatures will render overnight, as the country remains in the traction of a strong freeze.