The heat in Rio de Janeiro has forced the authorities to take special measures to help the population and animals survive the warmest summer for almost a century. Dress code is canceled in many offices, employees were allowed to give up suits. In the Rio de Janeiro zoo, lions receive frozen meat, and bears are given giant fruit ice cream. This way veterinarians help animals avoid dehydration.

It’s a popular joke that there are two seasons in Rio – summer and ‘hell’. According to experts in 2019  the hellish season became even more hot. Meteorologist at the National Institute of Meteorology, Thiago Souza, said that Rio de Janeiro did not have such a hot January for the past 97 years.

Southern Australia recorded a heat of about 50 degrees Celsius this January. In Victoria abnormal heat killed thousands of bats and in New South Wales asphalt melted and thousands of tons of fish have died in water bodies.