The US decision to withdraw from a key Cold War treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces  Treaty) means that control over the missile development will not be valid anymore.

This arms control agreement with Russia has been a centerpiece of European security since the Cold War.

Earlier the US accused Russia of noncompliance and this withdrawal in considered as penaliing Russia for that reason.

This move by the US is likely to alarm the international community, particularly Europe, and cause fears that the US and Russia could enter a new nuclear arms race.

The US has removed from multiple international organizations and has not hidden his frustration with international trade groups and security alliances during the period of Trump presidency.

Here are some of agreements that the US administration is pulling out or already pulled out, or had been renegotiated:

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

The treaty forced the US and Russia (then the Soviet Union) to eliminate ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges of about 300 to 3,400 miles.

Paris Agreement

A massive climate pact that includes nearly every country in the world, the Obama administration signed the US on, promising to curb its use of fossil fuels and to help mute the effects of climate change. Trump said the deal was poorly negotiated.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

A massive trade deal meant to counteract China’s economic power. Trump ran on a promise to spike the plan, saying it was unfair to American workers. The pact was never officially adopted by Congress.

South Korean Trade Deal (KORUS)

Trump renegotiated the deal to cut down on a trade deficit with South Korea. The Koreans put limits on the amount of steel they would sell to the US and the US exempted South Korea from the steel tariffs Trump imposed on many other countries.

Trump has repeatedly complained that the North American Free Trade Agreement, which remade the US economy, was poorly negotiated and gave too much away to Canada and Mexico. Its renegotiation, which he achieved this year, is less a wholesale rewrite than an update for the 21st century, albeit with help for dairy farmers in Wisconsin. Also, it got a new name: United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Iran Nuclear Deal

Trjmp always expressed he is not confessed with the US from the Iran nuclear deal which was signed by the Obama administration and others in the world community, and he delivered in May. He said the deal, in which Iran promised to ice its nuclear program in exchange for eased sanctions, was flawed. He promised to negotiate better deals and pointed to North Korea.