Hungarian teachers have expressed their anxiety over the state-sponsored schoolbooks.

This worries occurred after the photo of refugees camped under a Budapest railway station showing in the section on “Multiculturalism” of the book. It is accompanied with the Victor Orban, Prime Minister’s speech stating “We consider it a value that Hungary is a homogenous country.”

The state-sanctioned textbooks are becoming a part of government reshape of Hungary’s education system. This causes deep misunderstandings among some teachers and publishers. Mostly it is explained as an anti-migrant rhetoric of the Hungarian government.

Critics state that these textbooks are only one of the fronts in the government policy to shakeup the education system. Prime Minister is going to change the academic programs that don’t fit with his conservative values.

Remaking of the education system comes after street protests against the hardline policies of Orban’s administration.

Ildiko Repárszky, a history teacher, explained that school books are published in the state-run Education Research and Development Center (OFI). Moreover, they are not published under the name of one author. Nooks bear the name of several contributing experts.

Miklosi, editor who has been reviewing books for more than 30 years, believes that this anti-migrant policy has reach down to the schools and classroom.