A few weeks after President of USA unexpectedly declared that America would take away its forces from Syria, as “we defeated ISIS,” one of the world’s top law enforcement executive warned that a terrorist group still poses a direct menace.

ISIS militants retain their experience, networks and are about to attack at the United States, the Interpol secretary general said in an exclusive interview at the organization’s headquarters in France.

His report caused horror among the many countries participating in the union to defeat ISIS, as they fear that the withdrawal of American forces will lead to a power vacuum, which will allow ISIL to revive and make it hard to seize the residual ISIL supporters in Syria.

Interpol also said that Syria contained a detained unidentified number of former ISIL militants, whose actions and connections should be inquired as thoroughly as possible as they are exempted.

Among the main reasons for worry of world counterterrorism investigators are the tempered core of external militants who passabl through areas once driven by ISIS.