Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s opposition leader,  says that Venezuela is “living in dictatorship” under Maduro. He also renewed his calls for new elections.

Guaido v Maduro: The two men locked in Venezuela power struggle

Juan Guaidó declared himself as interim leader last week. He was recognised by more than 20 countries. Amoung them is the US.

But Maduro still holds support by Russia and China. Russia accuses the US on “illegal” interference.

According to the UN data, more than 40 people have died in recent protests.

Massive protests started since second term of Maduro’s  presidency. He was re-elected during “controversial” votes last year while many of candidates from the opposition were jailed or were barred from the running.

In addition to political crisis in the country, Venezuela is struggling with hyperinflation and shortage of essentials such as food and medicine. Economic crisis have forced almost millions to flee the country.

In this regard, Guaidó claims his right to take the office as the Head of National Assembly according to the Venezuelan Constitution when the president is considered illegitimate.

“My duty is to call for free elections because there is an abuse of power and we live in a dictatorship,” Mr Guaidó said, adding “In Venezuela, we either accept domination, total oppression and torture… from Maduro’s regime or we choose freedom, democracy and prosperity for our people.”

He also accused Maduro in “killing young poor people” in the streets.