We were seduced by the recent offer of the Italian house for only 1 dollar? Well, there is an offer even better.

Now one city in the country is ready to give $ 10,000 to settler to live there. Another said that he would even pay settlers more than $ 1,000 for a child to have children.

The proposals may seem too tempting to be true for those who want to escape from the chaos to the idyll of a rural Italian village. For supposed places, they are the final battle to save the  dying inhabitans.

But it is difficult – it is a state where local property laws are often entangled in Byzantine laws.

And, of course, this is a country where attitudes towards foreigners are not always ambiguous, as indicated by the recent increase in political pressure against economic migrants coming from Africa and the Middle East.

The last agreement, to please them all, came from Giovanni Bruno Mattieta, mayor of the toy alpine village of Locana, in Piedmont, the mountainous north-western region of Italy, on the border with France and Switzerland.

He is going to pay up to 9,000 euros, or 10,200 US dollars, for three years to families wishing to leave and settle in snow-covered peaks and flower-strewn pastures, if they have children and a minimum annual salary of 6,000 euros.

Italy is not the first country with such experience.

The Alpine hamlet of Albinen is so desperate for new residents that it has voted to offer $70,000 for a family of four to settle in the southern Swiss community. The goal, according to the community’s website, is to boost Albinen’s declining population and “bring life back to the village.”

In the first referendum of its kind, 100 of Albinen’s 248 residents showed up to vote Thursday, and 71 approved a proposal to pay $25,000 to each adult and $10,000 per child to live in their picturesque village.

The proposal created a social media frenzy when it received international attention in November. Village authorities were swamped with nearly 3,000 inquiries from as far away as Asia and South America.

To qualify for the bounty, candidates must be younger than 45, Swiss citizens or permanent residents and be willing to buy or build a house that costs at least $200,000. They also must commit to living in Albinen at least a decade. If they leave earlier, they would have to refund the money.

The village council will set aside $100,000 a year to fund the project.

“We have to seize this chance with all the means at our disposal,” Mayor Beat Jost wrote on the website. He said offering a monetary incentive to newcomers “is an investment in our future,” since new arrivals will boost the local economy with taxes and spending.

According to Google News , In the United States, Baltimore; New Haven, Conn.; and some cities in Kansas, Nebraska and Alaska offer tax breaks and other financial perks to newcomers who buy houses there.