John Cantlie appears in a 2014 ISIS video

British journalist John Cantlie is believed to be alive in Syria and is still held by ISIS.

He was taken hostage in Syria in 2012. But recently he appeared in a number of propaganda videos of ISIS.

UK Security Minister Ben Wallace said on Tuesday that he might be still alive. He added that the British government believes Cantlie is still being held by ISIS.

Cantlie is an experienced war photographer. He was covering the Syrian conflict. Later he was abducted alongside American journalist James Foley, who was beheaded later by ISIS.

British minister was also asked about the British hostages around the world. He stated that the UK does not pay ransom. Wallace asks other countries to avoid it.

After beginning his career as a motorcycle journalist, Cantlie covered some of the most dangerous conflict zones in the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Syria — where he was kidnapped twice.

Cantlie returned to Syria in November 2012 to continue his reporting on the conflict there.

Cantlie was used by the terror group in over a dozen propaganda videos.