U.S. Vice President Michael Pence delivered a video message to the Venezuelan people on Tuesday, January 22, in which he expressed support for President Nicolas Maduro’s opponents. “Nicolas Maduro is a dictator without a legitimate claim to power,” Pence said, stressing that the only democratic institution in the country is the parliament in opposition to the president, the National Assembly.

Michael Pence expressed his support to Parliament Speaker Juan Guaido, who announced his readiness to take over the presidency and called on his fellow citizens for mass protests. The U.S. Vice President said that the U.S. will support the Venezuelan people until democracy is restored in the country. Pence made some statements in Spanish.
In mid-January, Venezuelan special services detained Juan Guaido, but later he was released.

In December 2018, Maduro said that the U.S. had launched a plan to overthrow him with the support of Colombia. “The plan for the coup d’état has already been launched, and they are coordinating it directly from the White House,” he said.
The Venezuelan opposition called for nationwide protests against the Maduro regime on Wednesday, January 23.

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/i-cYZubSEd8