Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has warned Donald Trump of “staining his hands with blood” if he pursues military action in the against Venezuelan nation.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro during a rally in Caracas

In an interview to the Spanish channel LaSexta on Sunday, Mr.Maduro said that he would say to Trump “Stop, stop Donald Trump, stop there, you are making mistakes that are going to stain your hands with blood and you will leave the presidency stained with blood”, if Mr.Trump was in fron of him.

He also called American President for mutual respect and warned Trump “not to repeat Vietnam in Latin America.”

Maduro also asked: “So we have to go through a war to reconsider our relationship and our respect?”

Speaking in this interview, Venezuelan President also expressed his worries about an ultimatum from European nations to call a new presidential election and following recognition of Mr.Guaido as a Venezuelan president.

Maduro has faced intense pressure since Guaido’s declaration last month. Along with the US other allies of Washington reconized self-claimed Juan Guaido as a president of Venezuela. Mr.Guaido. He is mostly considered as previously unknown opposition leader.

The Venezuelan government fears aid crossing the border as Guaido called on the Venezuelan military to permit aid into the country from neighboring Colombia and Brazil.

It was reported earlier that Trump had rejected talks with Maduro, “because so many really horrible things have been happening in Venezuela when you look at that country.”

When Mr.Trump was asked about whether the US military action remains an option in Venezuela, he said, “Well, I don’t want to say that, but certainly it’s something that on the — it’s an option.”

At a pro-government rally in Caracas Saturday, Maduro called on the country’s militia to join the Venezuelan army. “I call the militia men and women to sign up for your military service,” Maduro said.