The other day the members of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention expressed their indignation at the spread of anti-vaccination flyers around Maine warning about risks of children vaccination.

Members Of The Maine Center For Disease Control And Prevention About Anti-Vaccination Flyers: Vaccinations In Maine Are Not Going To Stop

“It was misleading and inaccurate,” State Epidemiologist Dr. Siiri Bennett said. “It was designed to feed on people’s fears.”

The flyers list 33 so-called “vaccine side effects and diseases,” and appear to be official, but is not a real website; it’s

The members of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention remind that timely vaccination prevents many diseases.

How Vaccines Works

When the virus attacks the organism for the first time, the immune system produces antibodies to fight the virus. Vaccines are weakened viruses, they train the body to recognize invaders so that the organism is prepared to meet and defeat the virus faster. 

Vaccines protect not only one person, but people around as well. When the majority is vaccinated (around 75-94% of all people), there’s nothing to be afraid of, because the herd immunity will come into action. Infants, pregnant women, and people with weak immune system don’t get vaccinated, but they are out of danger thanks to the vaccinated. That’s how everyone’s choice determines the health of the whole population.

Vaccination is the best way to prevent and control flu. The flu virus can’t be cured with antibiotics and there is a high risk of complications. Theflukillsabout 500,000 peopleeveryyear. It spreads very fast resulting in annual epidemics, so vaccination has become the most effective way to prevent it.

In 201149 states failed to provide the recommended amount of people with pertussis vaccines so in 2012 over 42,000 people were reported to be infected resulting in the biggest pertussis outbreak since 1955.

What Do Mothers Who Refused Vaccination Say

The Maine Immunization Coalition says right now five percent of Maine children are not vaccinated, because of their parents’ philosophical objections; the seventh highest rate in the country.

Let’s find out the opinions of mothers who refused to get their children vaccinated in Maine:

Carolina, 30:

“Vaccines are a mix of heavy metals, cancer-causing chemicals, toxic chemicals, live and genetically modified viruses, untested antibiotics. Each and every component is harmful and dangerous”

Vanessa, 35:

“Quicksilver, aluminum, and live viruses that vaccines are comprised of may have caused an autism epidemic. American doctors say that vaccines caused 1% of the epidemic, and according to independent research, in New Delhi, this rate is by 3,7 times higher.”

Judy, 27.

“In 1999 the USA authorities demanded to exclude quicksilver from vaccines. But until 2006 the request was ignored. Today’s so-called quicksilver-free vaccines still have 0,005 mcg of quicksilver which is enough to have a harmful toxic impact on the organism”.

You can learn about vaccines and their side effects from the FDA and the real CDC website.You can learn about vaccines and their side effects from the FDA and the real CDC website.