German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a “fervent speech” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and called for the protection of multilateralism, writes the German edition of Bild.

Thus Merkel inflicted an invisible blow on U.S. President Donald Trump, who cancelled his trip to Davos due to the continued suspension of the federal government in the country.

The German Chancellor spoke about the possibility of resolving international crises only through joint efforts. Without mentioning Trump, she veiledly spoke out against the US president, who repeatedly undermined the foundations of the international community and repeated his slogan “America First of all,” the article says.

According to Merkel, the multilateral system of relations is currently experiencing a number of problems. However, it is impossible to allow the destruction of the multilateral order system itself, recognized the Chancellor of Germany.

Earlier, before the trip to the WEF, Merkel discussed the idea of creating a common European army with French President Emmanuel Macron.