Experts get spot confirmation that  the scarce sharks on the planet is not vanish, and lives off the shore of Wales.

Observations show that the mystical angel shark is show in the waters of Wales, but no one knows just where.

The only confirmed shark center is the Canary Islands, where they were spotted on the seabotom.

Wales can become a major home for an endangered shark that originates from an ancient and remarkable category.

Angel Shark Information

“Flat sharks” that fill most of their time in camouflage in bottom sediments on the seabotom, where they trap fish

Historical evidence previously found in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean seas shows that the Welsh coastline can be an important place.

Populations have declined throughout the range due to a numerous of threats, take in habitat disturbance, pollution, and accidental fishing.

Mrs. Barker, who is a marine biologist, studied this animals  from the Canary Islands.

When she returned, she came across a book  confirming the presence of this spicies in Wales century ago.

After asking for data from the fishermen and the local group, interesting photos were born.

The main topic is whether shark angels migrate  between Wales, the Canary Islands or anywhere else, and whether they are different inhabitans.

According to experts, genetic studies operate smears geting from shark skin can provide an answer.