The news published 02/19/2019

With a 6-4 vote, the House Education Committee passed a bill that requires at least one full-time, licensed nurse to be in every public and charter school. Now the bill moves onto the House Health and Human Services Committee.   

Advocates of the bill believe that having a full-time nurse in every school in a basic necessity as currently many schools are sharing nurses. 

Representative Willie Madrid, D-Chaparral said, “We’re floating them around schools and to me, that’s unacceptable…the standard, and I know, we have a responsibility to these young people”.

The members of both parties supported the bill’s intentions but were concerned about the cost. 

“What I’m hearing from my districts, the way that they’re looking at the budget, they feel they’re six percent short on the current needs just in House Bill 5 based on their current funding,” Representative Rebecca Dow, R-Truth or Consequences, said. 

According to the bill’s fiscal review, the cost to fill the 305 empty nursing positions would cost $14 million.

According to the bill, rural or small schools with fewer than 250 students will be allowed to have a part-time nurse on campus.