Not an ordinary hotel, was built in an abandoned pit with a depth of 88 meters near Shanghai.

Created by the companies London and Shanghai Jade QA, this hotel with 337 rooms is 16 level below the level of the past pit and is regarded by the workspace as a ground scraper.

Designer Martin Johman came up with the concept of a career hotel working at Aecom, and in 2006 he won the competition. Over time, he created his own workspace Jade QA, where he was engaged in designing.

The metall frame construction is mounted to a rock on one side of an dig-up water-filled pit, and only two floors rise above base floor, and the two lower floors are below water deck.

The suite are situated around the pit barrier of the “glass waterfall” construction, which contains the viewing elevators of the assembly and gives entrance to all levels.

Hotel client zones are situated above and below the floor of the main suite. On two floors above ground are the reception, restaurant and conference rooms.

Pools and other conference rooms are located on the lake shore, 14 levels below base floor. On two levels under the water there is a restaurant and additional bedrooms overlooking the subserfuce aquarium.