Unicode introduced 12.0 Emoji list adding over 230 symbols bound together by the theme of inclusivity and disability.

New emojis include mechanical arms and legs, hearing aid, people in wheelchairs and wheelchairs alone, guide and service dogs. Unicode also broadens the diversity of animals adding orangutan, otter, flamingo, and sloth. New food emojis include ice cubes, butter, falafel, garlic, onion, and waffles. All in all, Unicode added 59 distinct new emojis and 171 new variations of skin tone and gender.

According to The Verge, the most popular emoji on Emojipedia was a white heart. In 2019 this issue will be fixed as they add variations of color to all round, square and heart-shaped emojis.

The new set of emojis will be released on all major platforms like Apple, Google, Samsung и Microsoft in the upcoming months.