Kasim Shazada Khuram snuck into the funeral home in Birmingham, lifted the lids of the coffins and chose among them the body with which he had sex. He also some jewelry from dead bodies.The story took place on November 11, but only on December 20, the criminal confessed to the crime,  and for the first time a pervert photo was shown to a wide audience.

Unemployed Khuram lived in a hostel in Aston. On November, 11 the police station received an alarm and the officers immediately went to the funeral home. Khuram was caught by the police at the crime scene.

A tattooed 23-year-old man pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a corpse at a hearing in the Birmingham City Court. Judge Francis Laird postponed the sentencing of Khuram until a psychiatric examination, but warned the defendant that he would have a “substantial” prison sentence.