Astronomers are watching planet K2-22b. It breaks up into pieces as it moves around its star.

K2-22b is located at a long distance from the solar system. So, to the planet Earth the known scientists to a celestial body about 800 light years. This huge stony planet ,the size of the familiar to all of us Neptune, astronomers found a few years ago. And since then, K2-22b has literally fallen apart.

Scientists note that the very phenomenon of the disintegration of the planet when moving along the orbit of the star is already familiar to them. Thus, of the four thousand known to science exoplanet at least three of them are currently falling apart into pieces. However, what are the reasons for this, the researchers of space is still reliably unknown. At the moment, they are watching with all the attention the mysterious process to learn about the collapse of the planets as much as possible.