President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey called the decision of US President Donald Trump to accept he Speaker of Parliament as the head of Venezuela shocking.

“I have been in politics for 40 years. And I have always respected the elections. If there is no respect for the will of the people, it is not democracy, but authoritarianism. Maduro was elected president. That is why Trump’s decision, as a person who believes in democracy, shocked me. Returning from Moscow after my visit, I called Maduro and said: “Stay firm: those who fight for democracy and respect elections must stick together,” Erdogan said at a press conference in Ankara.

He added that he does not think Trump’s decision is correct and believes that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will be able to overcome these problems.

“When we were made a coup attempt on July 15 (in 2016 – note. LOOK), Maduro immediately called, although I was not familiar with him then. So we met him. But nobody called us from the EU. We have not forgotten this. Therefore, we know who is a democrat and who is not,” Erdogan said.

Recall that on Wednesday in Caracas, fierce clashes of protesters with the police began, accompanied by explosions and directed against the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.
On the same day, parliament speaker Juan Guaido declared himself a temporary president of the country. Washington announced his confession and demanded from Maduro not to allow any forceful actions against the opposition. Russia warned the U.S. against military intervention in Venezuelan affairs.